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What all the hype about cryptocurrency and Blockchain?

Yet another year comes to an end where cryptocurrency, Bitcoin and Blockchain made headlines almost every day. Is it all hype? Is Bitcoin Exchange Melbourne legal? Cryptocurrency really worth a buy? Will Blockchain technology really change the world someday? Even as we enter 2019 these are concerns bothering every crypto enthusiast and fan. Its all hype now but digital currencies will surely change the way how the world works today. Many people are still unaware of how Bitcoin and […]

Growing Use of Bitcoin for Remittance

After a dream run on December 2017, Bitcoin prices kept falling gradually all through the year and now finally its showing an upward trend. Crypto enthusiasts invested huge amount but within few months Bitcoin lost around 80% of its total value. None ever thought this to happen but that is the sad reality. Bitcoin investment is always risky because of its high price fluctuations. One should be aware of these sudden price rises and falls. Despite bear crypto market, […]

Security of a Cryptocurrency Exchange

1. What is a cryptocurrency exchange? A cryptocurrency exchange, or crypto exchange, is a business that provides a platform that allows customers to trade cryptocurrencies or crypto assets [1]. Such exchanges charge listing fees to include new crypto assets and make them available for trading. They also charge a transaction fee to facilitate the buying and selling of crypto assets. 2. Why is security so important for cryptocurrency exchanges? Three primary reasons for securing cryptocurrency exchanges are: Cryptocurrency exchanges […]

2018: The year of rebuilding Bitcoin

After an exciting 2017 where Bitcoin prices broke all records, 2018 was completely the opposite. Bitcoin prices fell consistently all through the year but unknowingly there was a lot happening behind the curtains. Bitcoin platform saw some of the major developments and now it’s the time to feel its effect. Developers worked tirelessly to bring in new changes; this will surely help take Bitcoin back on course. True Bitcoin believers have been waiting for this patiently. Before you buy […]